About Us

Equilibrium was started in 2008, by a group of professionals under Elroy Duckitt, who wanted to effect change in the disadvantaged community they themselves come from. They wanted to create a safe space for youth, in hostile environments riddled with drug use, violence, gangs, bullying and apathy.

The purpose of Equilibrium is to empower Young People to have the courage and the resilience to make conscious decisions for them to develop their full potential and become positive role models in their communities. Equilibrium’s aim is to equip the Youth with essential social skills to enable them to navigate daily challenges successfully, make informed choices and to become resilient.

Equilibrium has reduced the dropout rate of learners at Primary and Secondary schools. Once learners successfully completed their schooling, their chances of finding employment are significantly higher. Poverty is directly linked to high unemployment rate and shortage of skills. Equilibrium hosts Job readiness Workshops for EQ learners and Unemployed Youth to help them prepare for Job interviews, the workplace and to link them to Job opportunities within Retail, EPWW Program or study opportunities.

EQ has a Youth Build program for unemployed youth that teaches them life skills, job readiness and volunteering as community work supporters at schools and libraries. They assist with administration duties; facilitate awareness programs; run after schools clubs on substance use; and leadership. They also run homework clubs, providing a safe space for learners in areas where the parents are risked working late or due to drug use unable to assist with their children’s homework. At libraries they assist with Help to Read Programs and Advancing literacy in their disadvantaged communities.

Programs are classified as advanced programs that have positive impact on the social-economic impact of Youth. Youth between 12 and 35 years attending high school, unemployed, matriculants, graduates from colleges.

EQ programmes are drawn up and facilitated mostly by Social workers and Social auxiliary work interns that have a solid therapeutic background and knowledge of human behaviour. Equilibrium’s aim through our programs is to help youth to realize their potential, navigate their lives through a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities in order to become productive members in the South African community.

Equilibrium are governed by a Board who subscribes achieves to good corporate governance principles. The EQ Board are diverse and represent the Private, NGO, Education and Health Sector. Our Chairperson, Mr Taction Matfle is a qualified Accountant as well as our Treasurer, Mr Elton Pullen, a Business Lecturer at the University of the Western Cape (UWC). Jonic Accounting is responsible for the organisation’s audited financial reports on a yearly basis.

Equilibrium focusses on Youth between the ages of 12 and 35 years. More than 90% of the beneficiaries are from marginalised communities, as indicated by our organisation’s BEE Socio-Economic Development (Self/Certificate). Statistics shows that 60% of our beneficiaries are females.



· Personal and Community Transformation through coaching the Spirit, Soul and Body.


· To Inspire people to take ownership and responsibility of their personal development

· Influence their thinking, behavior and lifestyles by providing real solutions to their real needs

· To Empower people, families and communities with the relevant skills

· Encourage them to Implement the newly learnt skills that will increase their quality of life



· Energy in Whatever we do, doing it wholeheartedly

· Excellence in Doing everything to the best of our ability

· Expansion – Growing & developing individually and corporately

· Evangelism Extending God’s Kingdom One person at a time


Document – AGM 2015 Report agm-2015-2