I would like to start by acknowledging and thanking the Department of Social tactioDevelopment and our other donor’s individuals, who constantly contribute in many ways to the work of Equilibrium. Our ongoing strategy will be to move the organization to a new level of sustainable financing to enable the organization to meet the ongoing need of the communities we serve.

Despite a year filled with many challenges and uncertainty, we cannot however look back with gratitude and celebrate another successful year. Our staff has continued to render quality services under very serious circumstances.

Equilibrium has initiated a youth build unemployment program with 60 unemployed youth between 16-35 years of age, which has seen this interns gain new skills, work experience and contributed towards building up their community.

Our All Star Youth Development Program has seen 50 youth participating in the President Awards Program and achieving their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

A program based on four tiers that are allowing these kids from harsh economical, gang infested areas to serve, to learn a new skill and to find motivation to strive for the best, in spite of the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Equilibrium is thankful for the partnership we have with the Department of Education that allows us to render the Substance Intervention Program, Positive Behavior Programs and After School Clubs in 13 schools. We have reached 1117 through our Early Intervention, Prevention and After Care Programs.

Our Management Board members have devoted considerable time and energy to ensure that the organization functions in an effective. To all our staff, we want to salute you for making a significant difference in the lives of our beneficiaries.

To our Lord and Savior, who continue to help us take communities from “chains to change”                                                                  Taction Mafatle – Chairman



The scourge of substance abuse continues to escalate in our communities, indicating tlanhat substance users are becoming increasingly younger: the age profile of our substance users are between 7 years of age and 39 years of age.

For months we have seen young lives been lost, destroyed as gangs isolated communities because of turf fighting between callous drug lords. A lack of law enforcements and effective implementation of legislation is a great concern that continues, to allow this scourge to destroy young lives and families.                                                            Yolanda Groep – Director



Equilibrium, in spite of a very challenging year, has been able to render a qualitative service to our beneficiaries and our communities. Our staff has made every effort to maximize our income generating potential whilst curbing our daily expenditure.

Equilibrium is funded by Social Development and has been able to secure multiple year funding, for the next three years. We have to however increase our corporate and private donors as programs like the All Stars; a youth leadership development program is not funded, challenging the effectiveness of the program.

Equilibrium will have to, for the new financial year, prioritize securing alternative donors and sources of income to lead the organization forward.34057_408338571289_4722227_n

Equilibrium has a small dedicated staff and in spite of limited resources, difficulties and sometimes dangerous working conditions, continue to serve with zeal and commitment. Finally, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all donors, who continue to assist Equilibrium to serve marginalized youth and their communities.

A complete list of donors is included in the AGM report and detailed audited financial statements are available on request.                                                           Elton Pullen – Treasurer